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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

I'm thankful for my friends, they provide such insight. They reminded me who I am and who I can become.

I'm thankful for the new friends I have met, they continue to reach out to me even when I take a step back.

I'm thankful for a sense of purpose as I start my first day of snowboard school. I am thankful that I can start a new routine and a new sense of valuing me.

I'm thankful for a fellow blogger who posted this; Money is a symbol that represents goods and services--it has no inherent value, whereas you inhabit in your being all the value that there is in the universe.

Happy thanksgiving...may we all open ourselves to new friends and experiences and cherish the memories of the past.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Off-season is over!!!

I am so thankful that I have made it through another trying off-season...this one had to be one of the worst.

There were so many moody peaks and descents.

I am really glad...I made it through.

Now I need to be up at dawn throwing on my gear and hitting the snowy slope...everyday!

Drinking everyday(or every other day) will be something left behind...i hope.

However, I have made great friends with the I still may show at happy and again.

It has been a month since I have dropped birth control.....It is a relief...I have been less moody this month than in YEARS!!!

I feel confident that I am on the right path, I think it is funny that snow brings me back to what I know I am.

That's right bring on the snow!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I love this

Fear to Blame

Blame to Anger

Anger to Hatred

Hatred to suffering

some wisdom from YODA.....

Cant you see that these people are truly afraid ! .......and its understandable... they grew up and lived in an Era of War. They have been taught to fear and learned to defend.

We are fortunate to be living in a time on the Earth when actually ...there is less War then there has ever been on the plant. We have transcended Many of the obstacle illusions of our parents time.

We need to have overstanding and patience and comfort these people who suffer from old world thinking. To come to them with Anger and violence just serves to justify their FEAR.

In turn "They" TERRORIZE us with Fear propaganda and polarizing fundamental ideology that divides and feeds the cycle of the FAITHLESS

its hard to love the haters !

but who better than us ?

We believe in you

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boy crazy.....

I don't know why it is happening...but I can't get past this feeling of being boy crazy...I want the attention...I want a connection.

So tonight is the auctioning off of the top five bachelorettes...I am not one of them.

I'm not sad...yet it still feels like a failure...

my life has not changed at all...maybe that is the problem.

My habits are starting to reappear...but more upsetting are the habits that have not become habits....but are slowly starting to become regular...

My insecurities are only adding to the issue.

I have to say though I have had more good days this month than bad....but I'm not so sure I'm learning from these's just one day at a time and I am not truly making positive decisions or choices...I'm choosing purely on impulse, at the moment.

I used to be very i'm impulsive...purely...

what an odd journey...the grass is always greener