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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wow...starbucks customers...WOW

So as I continue my selfless act of serving coffee to evey dick, jane and asshole, I find republicans more vocal than ever. Like today...Hello over the hill couple from St. Paul? Can I please get you your triple, nonfat, 2 splenda, half soy and nonfat, 2 pump sugar free, extra hot Latte'! Idle chat; your from minneapolis? Me too...will you be there for the St.Paul DNC? Their we are going to stay as far away from it as possible...we don't want to catch anything from THOSE people! HAHAHAHA.... Me; wide-eyed biting my tounge until it was about to bleed.... In my head i'm screaming


Oh goodness...for the sake of all insanity....Can Obama please win this election. For nothing more that watching republicans mouths drop! PLEASE

I won't spend a ton of time here being political...but really some people are unbelieveable...Seriously!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ode to Chicago and the Mercy boys

I just recently when on a wilderness trip with 7 amazing black men and one cutie wilderness wanna be. When meeting the boys...I wasn't so sure that 1) I would be able to relate 2) if they would really get along with me very well. These boy are so inspiring...I feel like I need to tell their story and how they affected me!

These young men join the Chicago Mercy home, when they realize by their own free will that the situation they are in is not going to set them up for success. They have to approach Mercy home...with an intent for change. They go through an application and interview process to receive this chance to change their current situation.

These men come from from it all abusive parents, gang life and a ton of other unfortunate circumstances. Everyone expects them to give up or give in and "roll with the punches".
These youth know that they can change their own fate. You would expect these youth to be withdrawn, fearful and lost. These boys did not fit that description.

They joked and laughed like no other crew I had ever met. They hiked up the mountains in the rain with asthma, sore knee's and heavy chests due to the altitude. But when it got tough they inspired each other to continue on. If they were frustrated they looked for a solution, brought to the group and hoped that the group would make the right decisions. Even though they may have butted heads a few times, they solved their issues with compassion and honesty.

And me...They took me in like their white/black sister that I never knew I could be. We slept under the same tent...roasting everyone and everything...for hours in rain and hail. We had inside jokes that still make me smile. There were moments when they needed me and there were moments when I needed them.

On the last day, when it was time to hike out...I was sad. I didn't want this group to dissipate. I knew once we made it down the mountain; The cell phones, Ipods, game systems and reality would set in. So I sat on a sunny rock and reflected on my summer of over coming loneliness, I realized I truly never felt a moment of loneliness with this group. I didn't think of my loses, or my decisions or my long distance friends. I lived for every moment I had with them. Just as I was having these thoughts a few of the boys came over, surprised by my anti-social behavior, they saw my watery eyes, and assured me of all the wonderful things the bottom of the mountain would bring. They once again made me laugh!

It reminds me to not take life so be in the moment and life is not easy...challenges will come, but how you react to those challenges means everything!

I give full props to the Kelly house boys in Mercy home! You men have changed my life and my perspective! Thank-you for your humor and determination. You are going to be amazing men!

Love YOU! Kreature

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

live life to be free

It is amazing how traveling provides such a sense of freedom. I have spent the last two weeks on a great adventure full of fun and new experiences. The first week I spent five days with the most insightful and unique bunch of people, in one of the most beautiful places...Orcas island. This week provided me with enough love and acceptance to remind myself that i am damn lucky to be who I am and that my life has brought me to these people and places for a reason. At the time I felt as if i was being rescused from my inapporiate sense of self doubt. Having this experience, I was able to align take a bigger leap to the country of Canada. Vancouver, Canada at this point has to be one of my favoriate cities of all time. Arriving in Canada, I felt at ease...the hustle and bustle was just a touch slower than any city in the US. The canadians were charming and helpful....and smiled whenever eye contact was made.
I was able to tour the city completely thanks to a dear friend who made free scooters avaliable and provided a great walking tour of the city.
As I think about all the people I have seen and met in the last month...I turn the looking glass on to me. How can I become more true to me. It is obvious that I am here..I just need a bit of tweeking to feel more purposeful in this life. I have allowed my circumstance to dictate who I am. So now I need to take the reigns;

I think travel will always be in my heart, I feel completely free and whole when I see new places. Even though I have wanted to settle in a place....I don't think that is who I am. I need travel to appericate the world and my temporary home.

I also belive that I need to get in touch with my creative side...I met some beautifully creative people...who ooooozed of self confidence and determination. They are following their dreams, and doing it without fear. I also had someone introduce me to partner was what they called blues dancing..It was in between Swing and Patrick Swazye's dirty dancing ( leave it to canada to muddle the lines) But I was fortunate enough to dance with a great lead...who really also knew how to teach. I was so empowered my being lead on the dance floor...allowing someone else to take the lead....created space for me to enjoy the spins and movement that only dance can create. I didn't know that I had that in me...I love finding out that I have hidden skills that I haven't even found yet.

I spent my week in canada watching fireworks, looking at the ocean and creating a space within me for others. It ended in a lively celebration of the biggest gay pride event that I have ever seen. All walks of canadian people were represented...families, gays young and old, children. They have so much respect for each other...It provides a great backdrop for growth.

I hope I can take as much as I can from this experience...I really want to hold it close to my core. It made me feel whole again...I know vacation is a short-lived high....soon life will take over a create a distraction and soon it will be just memories.

But it is these experience..I live for.

I thank everyone and everything....

This could not have come at a better time.