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Enjoy Life...Be Happy!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I love waking up ealry...when the sun is coming up...the day feels so fresh and new. I haven't been up this early in a while. I love to take the oppurtunity to be up when most are still sleeping. I seems to give me a sense of serenity.

Most of the time I will sleep in as long as I can..But when there is a reason to be up doesn't bother me.

Have a great morning!

love kreature

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Star$ to's a good day!

After being a lazy bum...for over a month, I get to go back to being a productive citizen and go to work!

Now Starbucks is absolutley as sell-out corporate as possible...but what makes it great is the people.

When your working at any coffee joint, there is a sense of fun, commotion, yet still easy-going!

The people I work with have such great energy and are always happy to see me.

The other perks Free Coffee...whenever I want!

Yeah! I'm looking forward to today...Yesterday was a doozey... I was in an emotional slump all day. Today the sun is shinning I bought a brand new bed:) and I get to see all the smiling faces at Starbucks!

love kreature

Friday, May 23, 2008


I took a long walk today...
I find it really calms me...
I'm doing something...yet I have plenty of time to think...
It's a very in the moment activity...
It's not about where I am going or where I have been it's about the moment that I am in.

i love it and will need to take these walks often in the next few weeks

beacause it is not getting any easier as june 1st approaches...but old life slowly disappears and my new one is starting to shine.

But there is still a lot of inbetween the old and new

love kreature

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I have so many cherished hierlooms from my mother, grandmother & great-aunt.

How do I sort through thier things and determined what stays and what goes?

I hardly knew thier lives and i don't really know what all the pictures, trinkets, proof of life events should mean to me...

there comes a point when clutter is clutter if there are 5 boxes full of things.

For the items that I want to part with, but can't having floating in a landfill...
I will burn; a sort of ceremonial fire to release the energy of these itmes to where ever it needs to go.

But it colorado we are not often allowed to have open flames any where...this may be a sneaky task.

love kreature

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 days.....countdown...

In 10 short days I will be changed from

taken to single
two to one
dependent to independent
couple to a roomate
seeing him every day to alone
a bed of two to a bed of one
on the same path to different roads

It feels a bit dramatic today...I think of all the sweet things...not the hard stuff.
Send me peace's becoming a bit too clear.

love kreature

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Princes & Princesses

When did fairy tales lose their credibility? Some of us grew up with these notions of happily ever after...after what? Struggle, conflict, pain, confusion, betrayal. So when our prince comes we question his integrity and relevance in these times. So I bet we pass up on our prince, because he no longer represents what we are looking for.

Yet the princess is no longer a woman that seeks to be rescued. Most make their own destiny and have already rescued themselves. So how then does the prince know what to look for?

No longer living in fairy tales, comes with it's advantages and disappointments.
But they are great stories that continue to send messages of love and hope.

AND....Sometimes in rare places and moments some princes & princesses find each other and continue to work together to find their pursuit of happily ever after.

love kreature

Thursday, May 15, 2008

preparing to be single

Good Morning!
Many women when going thorugh a divorce, break-up or seperation..find single life terrifiing! After speaking to a good girlfriend, she is considering leaving her boyfriend. I have already made the commitment to let mine go. He leaves June 1st.

Our fears of leaving the relationship presents itself in many ways;
Will I find someone better that who I am with?
What if this is the best one I will ever get?
What if I regret this decision once it is made?
How can I possibly get back to dating?
What if no one loves me, treats me, cares about me as much as he does?

We immediatley assume we aren't beautiful, good, or smart enough to catch another great guy.

We even ask the question...I may not be happy now...but this is good enough, and we turn back on ourselves by saying I am just being too picky!

As I prepare to be single, I find myself re-inventing who I am. When you enter a relationship you sacrifice ideas, hobbies and the single lifestyle you choose to leave behind. After living in this relationship you become a unit..where one relys on the other.

I think the hardest time comes when you try to remember who you were when you were single and how you can regain that indepence while still taking the things you learned from your relationship.

Everything happens for a reason they say. Single life is unpredictable, crazy and hopefully fun.
I am preparing by keeping a positive attitude, being open and being willing to see all the possibilities that may come my way. Oh the life of a single woman!

love kreature

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BAD habits!

I remember when I was young my bad habits were biting my finger nails, interrupting people when they were talking and drinking tons of mountain dew. Those habits were easy to break; I painted my nails, listen to what people had to say and switched to juice.

Now I have bad habits that I have had for 10 years; Eating a big dessert right before bed, ignoring my health problems and using a green plant to defeat bordem, tears and any other uncomfortable feelings.

I now have the oppurtunity to change these habits. My life will be doing a 180 in the next few weeks. I will be losing a boyfriend, moving into a house with roomates and start my dream job for the summer. All of these things will require a new sense of independence.

Which makes for a great chance to change these things. I remember hearing somewhere if you can get through 30 days of not giving in to your habit you will be successful! I have tried for the last week and truly failed!

So this week I will work on 3 habits;
1-Every morning do a BD and blog
2-I will have night time tea at 8:30 and not eat another sweet!
3-4:20 I will go for a walk.

It's not a perfect list but it is a good start. I'm not good at drastic measures...I'm more of a baby stepper. Hopefully this week will be a bit more successful than last.

love kreature

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is a test of my ability to write a blog....topics to unexplained and me.

I can't wait to explore the possibilities...yet I have never communicated so publicly.
Lets see how that goes.

love kreature